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Empowering 5G and Leading the Future

In the era of 5G, smart technologies are being introduced one after another into our   life.Boffotto is promoting a world of industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing at an unimaginable pace.

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In a world where 5G technology is revolutionizing the mobile network speed, where more and more new technologies are scrambling into our life with each passing day, and where product shape design are becoming freer than ever before, Boffotto is   proud to lead the PCB manufacturing industry into the 5G era with its 5G Porter fully   automated plasma technology.

The 5G Porter plasma technology features a robot system ensuring maximum accuracy even in complex applications. The 5G Porter robot processing system highly durable and easy to operate. It features separate path configuration which can be set for each application to meet your takt time challenges and achieve the highest processing speed. The 5G Porter plasma treatment technology also guarantees outstanding process reliability and process reproducibility.

Innovation is vital to our work. We are committed to developing innovative solutions to meet the challenges faced by our customers.


  • Patented air intake method

  • Lowest operating cost

  • Convenient circuit board loading and unloading design

  • Fully automated processing

  • Integrated control system design

  • Extremely small footprint


Automatic circuit board alignment system


Dual-arm loading and unloading manipulator for improved operation efficiency, with a cycle time approximately 15 minutes (including unloading time). Plasma application is synchronized with loading and unloading process.

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