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    In the era of 5G, printed circuit boards for base stations tend to be designed with a   higher degree of integration comprising more layers than ever before. This poses new challenges for PCB and Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) substrates. Compared with 4G,besides structural changes, 5G features larger data volume, higher transmission frequency and higher working frequency bands, which requires better transmission and heat dissipation performance of PCBs for base stations. Thus,PCBs for 5G base   stations requires the use of electronic substrates featuring higher frequency, higher   transmission speed, and better heat resistance.

    Currently, PTFE is the preferred filled resin material for PCBs. Filled PTFE and PTFE composites reinforced with glass fabrics, ceramics and metals have reduced cold flow   property and linear thermal expansion coefficient as well as heightened wear resistance and thermal conductivity. Also, the production of these composites cost less. Filled PTFE, for example, has a thermal expansion 80–100% lower than that of PTFE, and its wear resistance and the thermal conductivity are respectively 6 times and 2 times higher than those of PTFE.

    Offering you all the state-of-the-art technologies available in the market, 5G Fermat is capable of handling any PCB materials with excellent uniformity up to 90% and amazing production rate 2.5 times that of ordinary vertically arranged equipment.


  • Activating PTFE material

  • Processing BT materials

  • Processing epoxy resin materials

  • Coarsening and cleaning PI surfaces

  • Activating and cleaning thermosetting cyanate ester resin surfaces

  • Activating and cleaning thermosetting polyphenylene ether resin


  • Patented high-performance design

  • Low consumption of energy and gas

  • Convenient vertical board extension and retraction

  • Reasonable plasma reaction space for more uniform treatment

  • Integrated control system designed for easy operation

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