Summary of infrastructure investment projects in some provinces in 2017

Issuing time:2020-12-19 22:17

In 2017, a new round of infrastructure construction (hereinafter referred to as infrastructure) investment has quietly started, with the amount ranging from 100 billion to trillion. It is not difficult to find that the investment in infrastructure projects occupies an important position in both economically developed eastern provinces and economically less developed central provinces. As the main force of construction projects, construction machinery industry will directly benefit from infrastructure projects. This paper summarizes the infrastructure projects announced by some provinces in 2017, hoping that construction machinery enterprises, agents and users can find business opportunities and share industrial feast in these projects.

Province project name project introduction

The construction of Wenshan Malipo expressway of Yunnan Wenma expressway will start in July 2017, with a construction period of 3.5 years, and will be completed by the end of December 2020. The estimated total investment of the project is RMB

The main line of Yiliang Shilin expressway has a total length of 20.146km and a subgrade width of 33.5m. It is designed as a six lane Expressway standard

The total investment of Mangshi Lianghe expressway project is estimated to be 10.9 billion yuan, with a total length of 75.564 km and an average cost of 14.22 million yuan per km

The total mileage of 8 rural roads is 68.062km, and the construction standard is class IV Highway; the subgrade width is 6.5m-7.5m respectively

Convenient road network of Xundian Industrial Park on November 29, 2016, four infrastructure construction projects of Xundian Industrial Park were started

The main line mileage of Yunnan Yunxian Fengqing expressway project is about 51.477km, with a total investment of 8.124 billion yuan.

Kunming Qiaojia expressway project is planned to be constructed according to the standard of two-way four lane expressway, with a total length of 39.1 km

Maitreya Chuxiong expressway project is 310 km long and is planned to be built according to the standard of two-way 4 (6) lanes

Guangdong Guanglian expressway project will start construction in the first half of 2017 and is planned to be completed and opened to traffic by 2021

The Shenzhen Zhongshan cross river channel will land in Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Guangzhou Nansha through the connecting line. The total length of the main project is about 24.0km

The north section of the second airport expressway of New Baiyun International Airport is composed of the main line and the branch line of Terminal T3, with a total length of 22.423km

The planned land area of Hengqin port comprehensive transportation project is about 345100 square meters, with an overall construction area of 1213000 square meters

The design speed of Sichuan Lexi expressway is 80 km / h, the subgrade width is 25.5 m, and the total length of the route is about 262 km

The main line of Renshou Pingshan Xinshi expressway is about 158 km long, and the Mabian branch line is about 44 km long

The route of Emei Hanyuan expressway project starts from the south side of Emeishan City and connects with le'e connecting line of le'an-ya'an expressway

Renshou Muchuan Xinshi expressway project includes g4216 line, Renshou Muchuan Pingshan Xinshi Expressway main body and Mabian branch line

Chengdu Yichang expressway was started in January 2017 and opened to traffic by the end of 2020. The construction period is about four years

The technical standard of class I highway with design speed of 80 km / h is adopted for the whole line of zi'an expressway, and the subgrade width is 25.5 M

Xixiang Expressway starts from Xichang City, passes through Yanyuan and Lugu Lake, and ends in Shangri La County, Yunnan Province, with a total length of about 320 km

The capacity expansion project of Chengle expressway is planned to start construction in 2017 and be completed in 2020, with 141.286 km of routes

The total length of Baiyin Yuzhong Qingcheng highway project in Gansu Province is about 18.443km, with 3.54km reconstructed from the old road and 14.903km newly built

The main line of Pingliang Tianshui expressway is about 172 km long, which is designed according to the technical standard of two-way four lane expressway

The total length of Sunan Qilian highway is about 63 km, with 32 bridges of 2101.6 m and a new tunnel of 4010 M

Gansu Lianghui Expressway Lianghui Expressway adopts the mode of "design and construction general contract + construction operation transfer + feasibility gap subsidy"

Ningxia provincial highway 305 is upgraded to national highway 341, with a total length of about 54 km. It is a class II Highway, and the construction is planned to start in July 2017

Yinchuan Baise National Expressway starts from tianshuibao town (Ninggan border), Huan County, Qingyang City, and connects with the proposed Yinchuan Baise National Expressway in Ningxia Autonomous Region from Ningdong to tianshuibao (Ninggan border)

Ningxia Jingyuan Huating expressway, with a total length of about 14 km, is constructed according to the standard of fully closed and fully overpass four lane expressway, with a design speed of 80 km / h

The planned start time of Guangxi Pubei Beiliu expressway project is early 2017, and the completion time is at the end of 2020. The designed mileage of the route is 124.545km

Guangxi Cenxi Ring Road phase II, the total investment of the project is 366 million yuan, will build a Highway 9 km

The main line of Rongshui Hechi Expressway in Guangxi is about 108km long, with a design speed of 100km / h, four lanes in two directions and a subgrade width of 26m

Anhui S11 Wuhu Huangshan expressway project starts from the interchange of Fanchang East hub, and ends at Tanjiaqiao in Huangshan District, connecting with Tongling Tangkou expressway

The reconstruction and expansion of Lintou Erba section of Wuhe Hefei expressway is planned to start in June 2017

The extension line of he'an expressway will be expanded to Yandian, Shucheng and Lujiang interchanges, and one interchange in Baiguo will be reserved

The total length of Chongqing Shizhu Qianjiang expressway project is 86.24 km

The west section of the second horizontal line of Chongqing Expressway is 14.4 km in length

The total length of Baokang Shennongjia expressway project in Hubei is 43.183 km

The reconstruction project of haihuixi Yanjiang section of Yuyao Wenling highway in Zhejiang Province is a part of 204 provincial highway in Zhejiang Province

The total length of Wuyi section of national highway 235 from Jinhua Wucheng to Wuyi is about 9 km

The standard of two-way six lane expressway is adopted in the expressway part of Zhejiang Hangzhou ring expressway project

The total length of Hangzhou Nanjing Expressway is 98.06 km

Hailaer Manzhouli highway in Inner Mongolia is 188.9 km long

Sunit Right Banner to Huade expressway is about 157 km long

Chifeng Hongshan Lake tourist road is 60 km long

The estimated total investment of the project is about 11.223 billion yuan

Hunan Shuangcai trunk highway reconstruction, the total length of the line is 26.171 km

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