China (Hunan) intelligent manufacturing 2025 Summit Forum held

Issuing time:2020-12-19 22:15

The "China (Hunan) intelligent manufacturing 2025 Summit Forum", sponsored by Hunan University and supported by Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, was held in the school of Business Administration of Hunan University. Under the strategic background of "made in China 2025", the conference deeply discussed the relevant situation of Hunan Province from top-level design to enterprise practice in the process of moving towards a strong province of intelligent manufacturing, aiming to jointly interpret the cutting-edge policies and market demand, build a high-end intelligence platform for politics, business and learning, further make "made in Hunan" bigger and stronger, and promote Hunan to stride from a big manufacturing province to a strong manufacturing province.

Chen Shou, vice president of Hunan University, presided over the forum. Yin LiNbO, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, representatives of several manufacturing enterprises and teachers and students of Hunan University participated in the forum. Seven forum guests were invited to express their views on the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in Hunan, and shared the experience of the government, universities and enterprises in the planning, research and application of intelligent manufacturing. Sun Changjun, vice president of Zoomlion, attended the event and delivered a keynote speech as a guest of the forum.

At the forum, sun Changjun delivered a keynote speech entitled "Internet, Internet of things, building a new industrial ecosystem". This paper introduces the work of Zoomlion in intelligent manufacturing, which is highly concerned and affirmed by the guests and the industry.

Zoomlion, as a leading equipment manufacturing enterprise, takes intelligent manufacturing as its main direction, and actively explores intelligent transformation and upgrading. Sun Changjun said that Zoomlion's intelligent manufacturing mainly includes two aspects: designing and manufacturing intelligent products and reconstructing business model through "Internet of things".

"Starting from the end of 2014, we focus on promoting the product 4.0 project and building intelligent products with modularization and intellectualization," Sun Changjun said. As the first core of intelligent products, modularization platform makes full use of modularization design technology to standardize the design and production of various subsystems of products in the form of "modules", and finally according to different products "Modularization makes R & D faster, the interchangeability of parts between different products of the platform is better, the utilization rate is higher, and the cost is greatly reduced".

Product intelligence is another core, which is committed to make the product realize self diagnosis, self adjustment and self adaptation. By installing sensors on the equipment, the equipment can have a "brain", be able to perceive external information and take the initiative to think, which is of great significance to improve the construction efficiency, improve the construction quality and ensure the operation safety. Sun Changjun said, "Zoomlion's intelligent products have a" brain ", which can release the power of flood and famine. In terms of maintenance service, the original passive response is changed into active service, which greatly shortens the downtime of the equipment and improves the efficiency for customers.

After realizing the intellectualization of the product itself, Zoomlion takes this as the starting point, relies on the industrial Internet, realizes the Internet of things, carries out disruptive innovation on the business activities of the traditional manufacturing industry, creates a new industrial ecosystem of common sharing and mutual benefit with customers, and reconstructs the business model. Sun Changjun said that currently Zoomlion has established a powerful cloud platform for the Internet of things, which can not only monitor the equipment in real time, but also conduct statistical analysis on the returned data, so as to improve the user service experience. Zoomlion has developed a series of management platforms and app tools to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with customers through resource sharing. Relying on these services, Zoomlion will realize the deep extension from "making equipment" to "making equipment, managing equipment and maintaining equipment".

2017 is an important year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan and the deepening of supply side structural reform. With the development of "made in China 2025", the construction of a powerful manufacturing country has entered the stage of full implementation. Sun Changjun said that in December last year, vice premier Ma Kai inspected Zoomlion, pointed out the importance of industrial Internet platform, and encouraged enterprises to continue to promote innovation. Zoomlion will adhere to innovation driven development, realize "products on the Internet, data in the cloud, market in the palm", create new competitive advantages, fulfill the major mission of revitalizing the real economy, and blaze a new road for the industrial province and China's "intelligent manufacturing".

In the subsequent discussion and interaction session, the representatives of enterprises, teachers and students present here vied with each other to ask questions, and jointly discussed how to take "made in China 2025" as the action guide to carry out intelligent manufacturing projects, and how to make concerted efforts among government, business and learning to promote the transformation and upgrading of Hunan's manufacturing industry.

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