"Intelligent manufacturing = artificial intelligence + manufacturing" in the future, industrial prod

Issuing time:2020-12-19 22:20

The 2020 government work report clearly points out, "develop industrial Internet and promote intelligent manufacturing." During the period of epidemic prevention, disinfection, guidance, distribution, temperature measurement, patrol control By virtue of technology accumulation and manufacturing advantages, intelligent manufacturing enterprises speed up the transfer and expansion of medical service robots, effectively reducing the working pressure of medical staff and the probability of virus transmission. According to the definition of experts, "intelligent manufacturing = artificial intelligence + manufacturing industry". Integrating "intelligence" with "manufacturing", making production more "intelligent" and products more "intelligent" has become the general direction of industrial innovation and upgrading.

Countries all over the world compete for the high point of "intelligence"

"High intelligence" products are inseparable from "high intelligence" manufacturing. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, intelligent manufacturing has become the commanding point and main direction for countries all over the world to seize development opportunities. With the help of sensors, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other new technologies, production enterprises implement intelligent transformation of the original production technology and production mode, and install intelligent "brain" and "cloud" connected to the network. Wang Xinzhe, chief economist of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the new generation of information technology, represented by artificial intelligence, has led a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, and has had a significant and far-reaching impact on economic development, social progress and international pattern.

Since 2015, MIIT has selected 305 pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing, 583 new mode application projects and 19 benchmark enterprises. The leading units and benchmark enterprises of these projects are all over all walks of life, most of them are industry leaders, with long industrial chain and strong driving force.

Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, pointed out when attending the International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing in 2019 that intelligent manufacturing represents the main direction of high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and is promoting systematic and holistic changes in traditional production mode and organizational form, providing the foundation and possibility for industrial transformation and upgrading and sustainable development. Looking at the development strategies of various countries in the world, although there are differences in the implementation methods, the goal direction is basically the same, which is to try to greatly improve the efficiency and efficiency of the manufacturing industry.

Consumers willing to pay for "smart"

Deloitte has previously released the white paper on the development of global artificial intelligence, which predicts that by 2025, the scale of the world artificial intelligence market will exceed 6 trillion US dollars, and artificial intelligence will enable more ordinary people to enjoy the convenience brought by technology. Baidu chairman Robin Li, for example, living alone in the dhurrah community in Beijing, is equipped with electric curtain rails, intelligent sockets, smart lights, etc., through dialogue with smart speakers, it can switch electric curtains and adjust the air conditioning temperature. With the popularity of intelligent devices, both the elderly and children will enjoy a better life brought by artificial intelligence more conveniently in the future.

Intelligence changes life. Chinese enterprises are striving to move from "made in China" to "made in China", and Konka Group is one of them. In an interview with our reporter, Zhou Bin, President of Konka Group, said that Konka Group actively invests in the research and development of chips and semiconductors in order to solve the problem of "lack of screens and cores" in China. In the future, the products that global consumers are willing to pay for must have breakthroughs in the field of "intelligence". At present, China vigorously promotes the development of industrial Internet and the upgrading of manufacturing industry. Scientific and technological innovation is a trend. It is also the core value of technology companies and the core driving force of Konka. During the two sessions in 2020, Konka's 236 inch micro led high-definition large screen products will realize 5g live broadcast application in the world for the first time, which will more comprehensively and truly restore the two sessions in China.

Experts pointed out that intelligent manufacturing and artificial intelligence are the main directions for the transformation and upgrading of made in China. Only by promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, taking intelligent manufacturing as the core, and promoting product innovation, technological innovation and business model innovation, can the real economy be better and faster revitalized.

High tech makes products more "intelligent"

China has obvious advantages in developing intelligent manufacturing. As a country with the largest population, manufacturing scale and mobile communication users in the world, China is bound to be the largest intelligent manufacturing application market in the world. Accenture, an international consulting agency, predicts that the growth rate of added value of manufacturing industry applying artificial intelligence will increase by about 2 percentage points in 2035, which is the largest increase in all industrial sectors.

A few years ago, some AI experts believed that China and the United States would become the twin engines leading the development of AI in the world. The emergence of artificial intelligence has changed people's daily life, making everything easier and more comfortable, and making machines more intelligent. Only when high technology empowers enterprises, can products really have "wisdom" and be sold in the international market.

Zhou Bin pointed out that, different from the past simple product export, mainstream Chinese enterprises, including Konka, are transforming towards the combination of product output, technology output and brand output, so as to enhance their position and profit margin in the global color TV industry chain. For example, Konka TV can be interconnected with other smart home appliances in the way of voice control, and become a central control device of smart home, realizing a variety of intelligent scene applications. At the beginning of this year, Konka Group announced the establishment of a North American company, focusing on the North American market including the United States and Canada, which is of great significance to the internationalization and high-end of the brand. Konka will continue to work hard in the field of core technology, upgrade its products with cutting-edge technology, and build a new intelligent ecology of interconnection of all things.

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